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Park Maps offer the greatest variety of any product line. There is a wide variety in the park themselves. They can be: private and public, facilities, events, themes.
El Pilar Trails Saratoga Battlefield
The El Pilar map is a sample, a heat-transfer of an existing trailmap onto bandana stock. It gives a feeling for the look of a minimum-redesign project. The Saratoga Battlefield map is the final design for a new product, now being printed.


It all depends what the park is about, and any one map should capture as many of the highlights as possible. These may display the layout of facilities or features, hiking trails, or any other feature of interest.


Special Features

With the wide variety of types, there is no standard park map. Possible content could be:

Expected Use

As with any silk map this is a souvenir item that also provides useful information while you are the scene.

Our Process

Maps of Parks have there own problems, due to the limitations imposed on the government agengies that run them. Frequently the parks themselves are not allowed to sell any services outside their base mission. Usually, the retail function is contracted out to other organizations, which tends to divorce the retailer from the local environment.

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Updated 06/27/2016