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Nordic Ski Trails

Cross-country ski trail maps. These may be anywhere, as part of a park or commercial ski area or just as a cross-country venue in its own right.
This is just a sample, a heat-transfer of an existing trailmap onto bandana stock. It gives a feeling for the look of a minimum-redesign project. Used by permission of Lapland Lake.


These are maps of the cross-country ski trails.


Special Features

The map must carry a sense of the terrain, as well as the layout. This could be as simple as the circle, square, diamond rating of the trail, or the contours of the land, as needed Natural features such as wooded areas and streams

Expected Use

These can be a souvenir item, but can also be an important aid when on the trails if the network is any size at all. As bandanas they can cover the face or the head, and have all those secondary uses from tying something to carrying small found items.

Our Process

We will work with the cross-country areas to develop these, either from their existing maps or GPS traces.

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Updated 06/27/2016