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Alpine Ski Trails

Down-hill ski trail maps, always developed with the ski area team.
Willard Mountain Gore Mountain
The above are images of our maps, our redesign from client materials, silk-screened on cotton/poly stock.

These are maps of the trails.
We expect them to sell through
These will always carry the circle, square, diamond rating of the trails, along with the location of the lifts. Important features and hazards must also be a standard feature.

Primarily a souvenir, but for large ski areas the traverses and interconnections are equally important and the maps will have real value for big areas, beginners, and new vistors. As a part of the skier's gear they can cover the face or the head, and have all those secondary uses from tying something on to being the emergency third hand.

We work with individual ski areas to put their trail maps on a silk map. These may be the same as the maps presented on their websites, or may be complete redesigns.

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Updated 06/27/2016